About BitCard® Premium Bitcoin Gift Cards

BitCard® Is The Easiest Way To Buy Bitcoin

Everyone Can Buy BTC This Way

Bitcoin Solutions, Inc. is a US-based tech company with a mission to make Bitcoin easily purchasable as a form of gift card. It is our position that any individual of any age or demographic can buy and gift Bitcoin by leveraging traditional and contemporary gift card systems.

Backed By Trusted Partners

In order to obtain Bitcoin, BitCard® utilizes an 100% FDIC-backed custodial account powered by a chartered Nevada trust company, and also our trusted exchange partner 1Konto. Through our partnerships, Bitcoin Solutions, Inc. facilitates asset custody, funds processing, convertible virtual currency administration, and compliance services.

Digital And USD Funds Kept Securely

All digital assets are kept securely offline, in cold storage for complete controlled security. USD funds in the BitCard® ecosystem are held safely in FDIC-insured bank accounts.

Experienced Professionals At BitCard®

Bitcoin was first created in 2009. Since 2012, members of the BitCard® team have been actively creating blockchain solutions for cryptocurrency exchanges, Bitcoin ATMs, digital wallets, ICOs, tokens, and software solutions for digital bill pay and remittance payments on the blockchain.

For over 28 years our gift card team has been professionally engaged in creating gift cards for retailers, B2B loyalty card programs, gift card processing solutions and payments processing.

Our state-of-the-art platform provides retailers and customers instant access to the crypto market to get a bit of the Bitcoin business where Bitcoin gift cards can be bought and redeemed safely in a trusted and regulated environment.

Become A BitCard® Reseller

As a Bitcoin Gift Card reseller in the BitCard® network, your brand will be aligned with a company that has accounted for multiple millions annually in redemption value, and hundreds of thousands of gift cards sold! BitCard® is a new, innovative, and superior way to buy Bitcoin and use it in rewards, loyalty, gifting and other avenues that just make sense.

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