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How To Buy Crypto With Gift Cards?

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How To Buy Crypto With Gift Cards

As business and most forms of financial, social and other human interaction become increasingly digital, relevance, interest and demand for cryptocurrencies has also increased amongst individuals who collectively comprise the general public as well as amongst the ranks of major corporations and businesses.

As Bitcoin, Ethereum and other massively popular digital assets have continually gained greater levels of mass adoption over recent years, there has arisen a need for many of today’s globally marketed products and services to adapt to the new technologies which crypto implements and relies upon to run.

The massive gift card industry is one such market, accounting for just less than $770 Billion USD as an independent market in 2020, as the Covid-19 pandemic ensued. A gift card market data analysis and report published by globenewswire in May 2022 uses current and historical market insight to predict the current growth rate of the gift card market to reach around $1.4 trillion by year 2026. As far back as 2013 online platforms began being seen with developing Bitcoin and crypto gift card propositions. At a greater rate than ever before, more individuals are seeking outlets to buy crypto with gift cards.

BitCard® Makes It Possible To Buy Crypto With Gift Cards

In the year 2018 BitCard® launched its premium Bitcoin gift cards with a designated sales process that begins with bulk distribution to official BitCard® resellers. These official resellers, in turn supply independent merchants and retailers who then sell BitCard® BTC gift cards to the general public.

BitCard® packaged its premium Bitcoin gift card offering which promotes the simple digital activation of all purchased gift cards right there online. Once an individual possesses a BitCard® gift card they are then able to activate, redeem, and fund the gift card all from the online platform within minutes.

How Can Individuals Buy Crypto With The BitCard® Gift Card?

At the retail level, BitCard® gift cards are loaded with BTC, and no other alternative digital assets. This could be seen as a potential restriction, however, with BitCard® the process of swapping for other cryptocurrencies helps form the remedy for only being able to fund the BitCard® gift card solely with Bitcoin.

If individuals wish to trade the BTC on any BitCard® for other cryptocurrencies, wallet and exchange interfaces like Binance support the purchase of several other cryptocurrencies additional to BTC, by use of gift cards. In other words Binance empowers platform users to input unique gift card information and use the funds thereon, to purchase other cryptocurrencies at market value.

If a BitCard® BTC gift card holder desires to trade or swap their Bitcoin for any other tradable cryptocurrencies, he/she can do so by using a platform such as Binance, with low transaction and processing fees and a relatively short processing time. Other platforms like Coinbase also carry gift card propositions that can be leveraged and utilized as a resource to convert BTC into other alternative digital currencies.

BitCard® Adds The Touch Of A Physically Available Crypto Gift Card

One associated limitation to consider when determining whether to use Binance, Coinbase or any other similar platform to purchase and use gift cards is that they are bound to the digital world whenever obtained through such channels. BitCard® BTC gift cards, on the contrary, are made physically available, and can therefore be held and given as a gift, reward or for any desired occasion.

The physical card option can be a nice touch, as many still like to gift loved ones, friends, employees, customers and others with tangible items in some cases. In this way, the BitCard® model, along with its digital and physical crypto cards, offers flexibility, being integrated in the new digital economy, while still maintaining a good deal of traditional appeal as a physically available cryptocurrency gift card.

The Benefit Of Using Crypto Transactionally

Another element that can be seen as a benefit for using the BitCard® BTC gift card model for rewards, loyalty or isolated gifting scenarios, is that they can be used to purchase retail goods and services from any of the tens of thousands of official BitCard® retailers. In addition to official partner retailers, other merchants or businesses that typically accept any number of the various gift card brands also accept BitCard® gift cards in most cases. Funds are 100% FDIC insured, supported in over 150 countries and redeemable in three easy steps.

This is yet another flexible option presented to the tens of thousands of BitCard® gift card holders presently. In cases when a gift card holder may want to hold their Bitcoin on their card, they can do so and still have the capability to use their cryptocurrency transactionally during in-person and digital retail circumstances.

Buy Your Own BitCard® Gift Card And Start Using Today

BitCard® makes it extremely simple to purchase, activate, redeem and begin using crypto-funded retail gift cards in no time. While the dedicated sales and business process flow is cemented as one which services resellers, to merchants who make BitCard® gift cards available to the general public in that order, individuals must seek out and visit an official reseller or BitCard® merchant by using the online platform in order to purchase a BTC gift card.

BitCard® maintains a B2B business flow, which ensures partners and official resellers are given the exclusive ability to distribute to members of the public without any form of unauthorized distribution on any level of the sales process. This helps to keep the proposition balanced and controlled, which aids in preserving the inherent benefits made available to BitCard® customers and official distributors, retailers and merchants.

As the digital age evolves and industries become increasingly more blockchain-aligned, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies will more than likely be implemented across most, if not all social and business channels at some point in the future. Since initially launching Bitcoin gift cards in 2018 BitCard® has been steadily focused on perfecting one of the most flexible, rewarding BTC crypto gift card propositions available today.