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How To Redeem Bitcoin Gift Cards?

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How To Redeem Bitcoin Gift Cards

Whenever anyone receives a BitCard® or purchases one from any one of our various globally-positioned BitCard® Bitcoin gift cards digital and physical retail locations, a seamless, easy process of redeeming their BitCard® gift card for BTC is made available to the individual right online. We make it simple for anyone to redeem their BitCard® for BTC by using our online redemption center, accessible through the BitCard® interactive web platform.

What Are The Three Steps Required To Redeem Your BitCard®?

There are three simple steps required for anyone who wishes to redeem their BitCard® for BTC on the BitCard® redemption site. The online redemption process is designed to be secure and seamless, so that new BitCard® users are able to begin using their gift cards almost immediately after receiving them.

1. Complete KYC Verification In Order To Establish A New User Account

The first step of the redemption process is necessary for authentication purposes. Before moving forward on the BitCard® redemption site, new individuals on the platform will first need to establish a new user account by completing a KYC verification process. The KYC verification is put into place to protect users and also as a transparency measure in the BitCard® redemption process.

In the growing digitally-connected world in which we live, there are an increasing number of digital hacks and other exploitations occurring more frequently than ever before. At BitCard® we want to ensure the safety and security of all participants in the redemption process, as well as the greater BitCard® network. KYC verification helps us to uphold our commitment to security and transparency. It can also act as a deterrent to ill-intending individuals and bad actors.

2. Enter The Validation Number From Your BitCard® Gift Card

Once KYC verification has been completed and successfully processed, new users are then able to move on to step two in the redemption process, and validate their gift card directly on the BitCard® redemption site. For this, one only needs to obtain the validation number from their physical or digital BitCard® gift card and input the number in the box labeled on the screen.

Having unique validation numbers enables every BitCard® produced to have its uniquely-associated identity which helps keep individual account and transaction information separate and private for each gift card holder. Once the new user has completed this step and successfully entered the validation number, they will be advanced to the final step in the redemption process.

3. Redeem Your BitCard® To Your New Digital Wallet Established For Your Transactions

This step finalizes the process of redeeming your BitCard®, and will enable users to begin using the BTC reflected on their BitCard® gift card. Once an individual has successfully redeemed their BitCard® they can then convert the gift card to Bitcoin and use it immediately. The new digital wallet is unique for the individual and login information should not be shared with anyone who the user does not want to have access to their BTC on their gift card.

Striving To Keep Things Simple

We worked to keep the three-step redemption process as easy as possible for new and experienced internet users to be able to navigate it with success. If any issues are incurred which hinder an individual’s ability to redeem their gift card, we offer online chat support, and advanced support for issues which may be more complex in nature.

At BitCard® it is important that all platform users are able to easily navigate the site and redemption process. This resource should help make that happen, and as always, individuals are encouraged to provide the team with any feedback they think may be helpful.