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What Happens When You Buy A Gift Card With Crypto?

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What Happens When You Buy A Gift Card With Crypto

The globally connecting network of business and finance ecosystems that drive productivity and commerce across the world are becoming increasingly more aligned between physical, brick and mortar offices, factories, retail stores, restaurants, and other location-based business operations and the digital world.

The same holds true for small, medium-sized and large industries, and in the case of the nearly $400 billion dollar gift card industry, the merge between the physical and digital world has been explored by multiple companies over the last decade. In fact, the gift card industry has evolved to become more heavily integrated into the digital plane, as digital gift cards have been around for many years now, and expected to account for the majority of the $1.4 trillion dollar predicted gift card market value.

Buy Bitcoin Gift Cards And More With BitCard®

BitCard® has been actively distributing Bitcoin gift cards for the past several years, which has afforded us with the opportunity and time to develop our offering around the organic needs of the public sector.

Not only does BitCard® offer BTC gift cards through our official partner resellers, distributors and retailers who sell them directly to end users, but there is also the opportunity to purchase gift cards from over 600 partner brands like Walmart, McDonalds, Target, Starbucks and others.

Use Cryptocurrencies To Buy Gift Cards On BitCard®

The BitCard® platform gives registered users the ability to use their available CardCash to buy discounted gift cards right there on the digital web interface. In the system implemented by BitCard®, registered users can use the available balance held in their secure digital wallets to buy gift cards consisting of a wide range of several varying values made available from any one of more than 600 brands.

BitCard® is leveraging the highly trafficked space between cryptocurrencies and traditional business through the gift card model in more ways than one. The opportunity to buy gift cards from globally-recognized brands at a discounted rate can be used in a number of different ways by gift card purchasers.

Registered BitCard® users can alternatively choose to exchange redeemed Bitcoin held in their digital wallet to purchase gift cards on platforms besides BitCard® if ever needed, which makes the BitCard® model one of the most dynamic and flexible around.

BitCard® features the synergy of a multifaceted gift card proposition alongside a secured digital wallet which enables holders to exchange their Bitcoin for products and services across the blockchain-aligned digital world.

How To Buy Gift Cards With Crypto To Save Money

Since most gift cards purchased online with cryptocurrency are going to be digital unless the individual chooses to buy a physical card, the possibilities are plenty. The first avenue to be explored is one which can help individuals personally save money.

Any registered BitCard® user can choose to convert crypto for a gift card in order to use them at their favorite retailers. While Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and some others are becoming increasingly accepted in the traditional market sector, there are still many popular merchants and brands that do not yet accept digital crypto payments.

Gift cards can be an alternative and work around for this issue, not to mention individuals are placed in a position in which they are able to actually save whenever choosing to buy a gift card through the BitCard® platform since they’re offered at a discounted rate sitewide. In this way, choosing to convert Bitcoin held in a BitCard® digital wallet to any one of the hundreds of branded cards can be used as a tool to save hard-earned money.

Use Cryptocurrencies To Buy Gift Cards To Give To Others

The several hundred gift cards made available for exchange on BitCard® are digitally produced, and can be used beyond boundaries of physical limitations. This means that one of the ways BitCard® retailer gift cards can be used is to send digitally as a gift to others anywhere across the world without the hassle of depending on the physical mail which can result in lost, stolen or damaged packages. Digitally produced cards are perfect to send as gifts in advance or last minute since time isn’t a concern for delivery.

Save On Gift Cards Sent To Others As A Registered BitCard® User

Gift card purchasers can use the same identical savings offered to them for their own personal gift card brand purchases, afforded them just for being registered BitCard®. This perk is exclusive to the BitCard® user network as it enables them with the ability to buy gift cards associated with the favorite brands of their family, friends, co-workers or anyone just because, or for any one of many special occasions, events or other reasons at a discount.

The days of purchasing gift cards in the physical store and paying extra for the physical gift card along with activation, tax and other fees, can be long gone when people discover the savings, convenience and ease of use made possible on the BitCard® gift card platform. Once the gift card is purchased and distributed in digital format, registered users are then able to send however they choose to gift others.

How Do I Become A Registered BitCard® Platform User?

The process of registering on the BitCard® platform is made simple and secure for new users to the network. In order to make purchases or redeem a Bitcoin gift card loaded with cryptocurrency, new users must complete a KYC verification in order to fulfill registration requirements. Upon completing KYC verification, new users can engage in the BitCard® network and activate any existing BitCard® BTC gift card, purchase retail gift cards, sell unused gift cards, or choose to utilize any other available product or service made available.

Registered users are not only able to take advantage of discounted gift cards within the BitCard® digital ecosystem, but also manage and use a digital cryptocurrency wallet. Fiat reserves held in US bank accounts by BitCard® also have the secure and safe measure of being 100% FDIC insured for up to $130 million. 

Other Ways To Buy A Gift Card With Crypto

As stated earlier, there are other methods of purchasing gift cards in alignment with the blockchain and with crypto specifically. The steep discounts offered on BitCard® for buying gift cards redeemable with worldwide brands doesn’t make it easy to choose other platforms which at least charge equal rate, or higher when factoring in fees.

Bitpay, a popular mobile app-based Bitcoin payment service provider is a notable entity which accepts Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like, but not limited to Ethereum, for gift card purchases. Since being founded in 2011, Bitpay has evolved its protocol to include their own cash back crypto debit card and other offerings in addition to the gift card for Bitcoin capabilities.

Bitrefill proposes that its company makes it possible to purchase gift cards from popular entities like Amazon as well as make it possible for its users to purchase mobile airtime, each done with crypto on the Bitrefill platform. While this proposition is unique to the Bitrefill network, this model also lacks the discounted gift card rates published 24 hours a day and exclusively offered to registered BitCard® users.

Coinbase, the San Francisco-based publicly traded company that operates one of the largest US cryptocurrency exchanges has a crypto-for-gift-card model in which Bitcoin, Ethereum and around 100 other altcoins (anything other than Bitcoin or stablecoins) can be used as currency to purchase a variety of different retailer gift cards. Binance, the largest crypto exchange in the world by volume, also allows its users to buy and sell gift cards with cryptocurrencies and redeem cryptocurrency gift cards on the global platform.

The Summary Wrap-Up And What It Boils Down To

Ultimately, there are a number of different platforms that may offer different types of gift cards, or accept any number of multiple alternative cryptocurrencies, other digital payment forms, or promote different perks and advantages reportedly attached to their offerings. As always, do your own research and that includes the adequate cross referencing of what has been shared about BitCard®.

The BitCard® gift-card-for-crypto model has superior features related to ease of use, with such an efficient and simple KYC verification step to register and go live on the network, and discounted prices of greater than 20% in some instances, making the proposition one which is hard to rival, even for larger, longer established tech companies. With BitCard® purchasing a gift card from almost any major brand one could think of is not only possible, but made to be a pleasant, satisfying experience as well.