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BitCard® To Attend RGCA Forum

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BitCard® To Attend RGCA Forum

We are excited to reveal that BitCard® will be in attendance at the 2022 RGCA Forum. The forum will be held in Washington DC from October 3-5 this year, and the website features a packed line up with meetings, networking and other events scheduled through all three days. Technically things kick off with the RGCA Board of Directors meeting scheduled to go forth on October 2 from 3-6 pm.

The 2022 RGCA Forum Networking Focus

2022 Forum events are scheduled to begin on Monday, October 3 at 8 am, with an open meeting and networking session set to go until 12:30 in the afternoon. Professional headshots are also scheduled for 10:30 through 12:30, while the networking session is live, for interested parties to take advantage of. The 2022 RGCA forum has devoted significant focus to fostering an environment that it hopes to stimulate networking and the establishment of new professional connections.

The networking focus promoted by RGCA forum organizers is in alignment with elements of the greater BitCard® vision and agenda, especially now, given the current focus of our brand. We have been diligently building and partnering at BitCard®. With new partnerships like the recently announced alliance with Tillo, and other BitCard® business developments planned and underway, the 2022 forum comes at a great time for us.

Informing Other Professionals About The Power Of Bitcoin Gift Cards

The opportunity to meet and connect with established, and also new and upcoming participants in the global gift card industry is one which we are very much looking forward to, and are hopeful can lead to even more mutually-benefitting official BitCard® brand partnerships and alliances in the future.

At BitCard® we are always excited for the opportunity to inform fellow gift card professionals of the opportunities which are being made accessible from technological advances and details on how to buy Bitcoin gift cards and expand any existing gift card propositions, rewards, loyalty, employee or other incentives programs.

A Considerable Focus On Battling Fraud Within The Industry

A good deal of session time at this year’s RGCA forum is dedicated to different issues around combating fraud current in the gift card industry. The forum is promoted as an event which is “content-rich and interactive”, for the exploration of issues and trends impacting the closed-loop gift card industry. The opening keynote is scheduled to be delivered by Theresa Payton, CEO of Fortalice Solutions, and the first ever female CIO (Counter Intelligence Officer) to be appointed to the White House.

Ms. Payton, who was also the 2019 Woman Cybersecurity Leader of the Year, will deliver an address around the topic “Securing the Future – Unmasking Cybercriminals and the Triple Threat Facing Business and You”. The two sessions following the address by Theresa Payton’s are centered around successfully promoting gift cards specifically, one which looks to explore myths and truths around sustainability and the other, geared towards marketing, titled “Making Your Gift Card Program Stand Out”.

The first day ends with a reception and an 80’s-themed welcome party at which we anticipate many pictures will be captured. On day two of the conference, after breakfast, brief networking time and a small session, the first major session is called “Gloves Up: How Media, Consumer Advocates, Law Enforcement, and the Gift Card Industry Are Going Toe-To-Toe with Fraud”. The recurring topic of fraud, first addressed in the opening keynote, and building through the forum from then on, clearly suggests the importance which event organizers felt needed to be placed around the topics of security and increased exposure to fraud in the gift card industry.

Digital Is Not Optional

On Tuesday, October 4 at 2 pm there will be a session held which is named “Digital Is Not Optional”. This topic suggests that 2022 RGCA forum organizers are aware and in agreement that the gift card industry is becoming increasingly digital. It is a belief shared by most across the gift card industry as well as other related and unrelated industries, that companies need to make active plans, if not already engaged and interacting with potential customers in the digital landscape, in order to remain relevant in the coming years as the world grows increasingly digital.

The BitCard® team will be in attendance as RGCA forum sponsors, able to conduct smaller, more detailed individual conversations with leaders and decision makers who will more than likely be looking to establish relationships with companies already active and well scripted within the vast digital plane.

BitCard® Is An Official Sponsor Of The 2022 RGCA Forum

BitCard® will not only be in attendance as a trusted digitally-based gift card specialist and leader in the industry, having sold greater than 400,000 Bitcoin gift cards over the last 18 months, but also official event sponsors.

“We were pleased at BitCard®, to become official sponsors of the 2022 RGCA forum. We are excited that our fellow industry participants recognize the evolution and direction of the gift card industry is pointed towards increased digital alignment. We’re looking forward to this year’s forum and an opportunity to connect with others in our industry with similar vision.” – Ed Gieske,  CEO,  BitCard®

Meet Us There

On October 3-5 BitCard® will be at the 2022 RGCA forum. The physical location for the event is at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center, National Harbor, MD, right there at the nation’s capital. 2022 RGCA forum registration and other information are available on the RGCA website.