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How do you sell Bitcoin or redeem Bitcards?

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BitCard®️  is an extremely versatile instrument. It can be used to purchase Bitcoins, it can be used to redeem Bitcoins, and after redemption for cash (fiat currency), you can purchase other items or even gift cards from the world’s retailer, Amazon.

Bitcoin has even been used to purchase real estate in 2021 and its acceptability spans 150 plus countries and hundreds of merchants. One industry overview of the product professed that the ability to purchase Amazon gift cards with Bitcoin is like handing someone a sack full of cash.

From batteries to Breitling watches,there are millions of products available on the merchant’s websites. Convert your Bitcoin into Amazon gift cards when you want to cash in your Bitcoin profits and you can buy whatever you want, whenever you want and as Amazon says on their website, those card balances never expire!

What does BitCard®️ give you that other wallets don’t provide?

Just a subtle reminder, BitCard®️ is the only digital currency gift card that has the full backing of the FDIC. It utilizes an FDIC-backed custodial account powered by Prime Trust, LLC, a chartered Nevada trust company, and 1Konto.

BitCard®️’s digital assets are held in secure cold storage, and Bitcoin digital assets are held in FDIC-insured bank accounts.This makes BitCard®️ the safest and most secure digital wallet that’s out there and if you store your Bitcoin in your Bitcard wallet there are no monthly fees or administrative costs.

You can redeem your Bitcoin holdings for US$  in real time, wherever you are in the US and Europe as well as in most major economies. Bitcoin and BitCards®️ are accepted in over 150 countries.

Buying Gift Cards In Bulk

The Amazon Incentives Program offers Bitcoin and BitCard®️ holders an additional bonus. Amazon offers incentives for people buying Amazon gift cards of more than $5,000 in a calendar year. The Amazon Incentives Program is currently available in the USA, Canada, Austria, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, the UK, China, India, and Japan. There are restrictions on where local cards can be used so you should check with your local Amazon customer service desk as to what restrictions apply.

It seems Bitcoin aficionados have developed a keen eye for gift card arbitrage, sniffing out deals from their favourite merchants or websites, scooping them up with Bitcoin profits then unloading them on alternate venues.That seems like a step too far for newbies just getting into the cryptocurrency world. Just finding ways to spend their Bitcoin profits or ways to store those profits in the fiat currency world will probably be their first hurdles.

If you’ve got a group of like minded friends, family or even college classmates that want to pick up a discount on Amazon products, you could take advantage of the Amazon incentives program to organize a group buyers club and dip into your BitCard®️ wallet to pick up some bargains.

Bitcard’s easy 3 Step Redemption Process

Using Bitcard is a simple 3 step redemption process.

  1. Create an account (includes filling out a know your customer -KYC- form)
  2. Validate your Bitcoin gift card (peel off sticker that conceals your unique blockchain number)
  3. Redeem your Bitcoin to your wallet

Your Bitcoin purchase is now registered to your BitCard®️’wallet and your BitCard®️’s digital assets are held in secure cold storage held in accounts protected by the FDIC deposit insurance program,  which is backed by the full faith and credit of the United States government. This means that the resources of the United States government stand behind FDIC-insured depositors – you!

No other digital currency card at this time offers such a secure environment.

Remember that your BitCard®️’wallet revalues your Bitcoin in real time, wherever you are around the globe, so if you want to make a purchase, simply need some local currency or alternatively want to access one of Amazon’s international sites whilst traveling abroad, it’s safe, secure and convenient.

Conclusion – The Amazon Case

BitCard®️ is an easy interface with the world of crypto currencies. It’s the safest coin wallet out there with the backing of the FDIC, kudos to BitCard®️ for coming up with that innovation. It’s convenient, updates your Bitcoin investment’s worth in real time and is readily convertible into cash at a snap of your fingers.

Marry that safety, security and convenience with the power of Amazon, the world’s premier retailer and you’ve got the ultimate protected flexible, financial asset. The fact that you can purchase multiple merchandisers’ gift cards via Amazon’s website plus advantages that only Bitcoin holders own when purchasing Amazon gift cards, adds another dimension to the value that BitCard®️ delivers.

Given the surge in Bitcoin values in 2021, the gift card bulk buyers incentive program is well within the grasp of many Bitcoin holders and delivers an additional 5-20% to the value proposition to Bitcoin holders that want to lock in profits from Bitcoin’s appreciation in value.

So click on the BitCard®️ website and explore the exciting opportunities in digital assets and cryptocurrency!