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BitCard® Brings On New Reselling Partner – Tillo

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BitCard® Brings On New Reselling Partner - Tillo

Recently at BitCard® we added another firmly established leader in global gift card distribution, loyalty and rewards program management to its list of reputable reselling partners. Tillo became the most recent partner to join the expanding global ecosystem of official BitCard® reselling partners.

What Does The Partnership Look Like?

This newly aligned partnership between Tillo and BitCard® will be implemented in such a way that BitCard® Bitcoin Gift Cards will be supplied in bulk, to the Tillo.io platform, where Tillo clients will be able to leverage the BTC Gift Card proposition to enhance loyalty and rewards offerings which they can in turn make available to their own clients and patrons.

As a new partner of BitCard®, Tillo.io also becomes positioned as one of several reputable reseller partners which add to the significant and growing popularity of the BitCard® Bitcoin Gift Cards. To make the process seamless, after purchasing a BitCard®, customers are then able to redeem Bitcoin Gift Cards in three steps right from the BitCard® redemption platform.

BitCard® has achieved significant sales in the first few years of live operation. Tillo.io clients will have that point of reference and promotional information to add to the innovative proposition of Bitcoin Gift Cards, already attractive enough to draw considerable attention by itself. In addition to these, more collective benefits are expected and hoped to be shared and enjoyed by each party through the new ultra-partnership.

Why The Tillo And BitCard® Partnership Makes Sense

The Bitcoin Gift Card proposition has turned out to be incredibly popular and has caught on with tens of thousands of retailers across the world and their loyal customer bases. To date, more than 400,000 Bitcoin Gift Cards have been distributed by BitCard®. Both Tillo.io and BitCard® stand to extend business reach and brand exposure through the partnership.

The BitCard® online platform has been used by its users to convert millions in Bitcoin value redeemed from the digitally validated gift cards annually. On the other side of things Tillo.io has established partnerships with 2,000+ retailers and over 100 partners such as Apple, Amazon, Ticketmaster, Groupon, Uber Eats, and others.

The alignment of the two ecosystems should bring more collaborative opportunities to both partners. While some other BitCard® established partners focus solely or primarily on the gift card industry as their fundamental business proposition, Tillo.io differs, and even expands upon this sales model.

The Tillo platform is built and positioned as a rewards, incentives and gifting management platform where retailers can implement and track their gift card revenues and all other associated business. This focused aim of the platform and online ecosystem enables Tillo to capture a large retailer base who not only need assistance with attractive gift card options to integrate into customer rewards and other loyalty programs, but also assistance with developing messaging and other aspects of their business offering, in addition to tracking.

How Things Might Grow And Evolve

When a partnership between two progressive companies of this magnitude occurs, the potential for future developments can certainly come up. Since we know and understand what BitCard® and Tillo.io each represent as separate entities, to think that the ecosystems could provide even greater collaborative support and growth opportunities as they each grow and evolve individually, is difficult not to think about and imagine.

The ability for businesses and individuals to buy Bitcoin Gift Cards from BitCard® is considered across the industry to be one of the most innovative and attractive gift cards, rewards and loyalty program options on the market. Purchasing BitCard® Bitcoin Gift Cards is also considered by many to be one of the safest, most secure ways to buy and use Bitcoin.

Both platforms take regulatory compliance and security into high consideration, as BitCard® implements industry-grade security on all aspects of the platform. This includes a highly secure state-of-the-art sales and redemption platform, FDIC-insured funds, and cold wallet storage for crypto assets.

Tillo is constantly expanding its gift card programs by adding new partners. BitCard® will join the likes of Nike, Starbucks, H & M and other global retailers who gain access to the globally-reaching Tillo client base, who are all looking to add new options to introduce to their customers across the world. That equates to expanded options in digital rewards and loyalty program structuring, as well as simple gift card purchases whenever desired. The new partnership between BitCard® and Tillo.io has a good deal of positive expectations on both ends.