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How Is BitCard® Secure?

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How Is BitCard® Secure

One of the BitCard® phrases that can be seen clearly on our homepage is ‘experience the crypto revolution through simple and safe gift cards’. Just how does BitCard® deliver on that commitment? How exactly are BitCard® Bitcoin Gift Cards sold across the globe to distributors and their clients made secure?

The first digitally redeemed Bitcoin Gift Card of its kind exists in an ecosystem in which all USD fiat currency held is done so in 100% FDIC-insured accounts. The merger of FDIC insurance and crypto is one thing BitCard® is doing to offer extra security for customers who buy Bitcoin Gift Cards from any official reseller.

So one may think, what other measures are taken by BitCard® to secure its platform and the Bitcoin Gift Cards which are issued to customers every day?

In Addition To FDIC-Insured Funds How Else Is BitCard® Secure?

While USD fiat funds held in the BitCard® network are completely insured by the FDIC, cryptocurrency digital assets held by The BitCard® company for the values reflected on Bitcoin Gift Cards issued, are all held in cold storage. This cold storage option enables us to have and share the peace of mind that it brings with our network of BitCard® gift card holders and gifters.

The cold storage used by BitCard® is implemented by digital assets custody and automation experts Fireblocks. Fireblocks integration upholds the most rigorous standards as it concerns automated, advanced safety and security. Fireblocks has been in the business of helping companies to easily and safely support cryptocurrencies and digital assets since 2018. The industry-grade complete security offered through the Fireblocks integration in addition to FDIC backing for fiat holdings certainly helps distinguish BitCard® for safety, but there’s also more.

Securing The Redemption Process For Increased Safety

At BitCard® we also make a distinction with state-of-the-art security for our technology platform. From the moment Bitcoin Gift Card holders enter the site, all the way through to our redemption site with its efficient process, BitCard® is secured. The industry-standard, secure platform to convert gift cards to Bitcoin as a real-time usable cryptocurrency helps deliver a level of comfort for all customers entrusting the security of their digital assets to BitCard®.

In the redemption process customers are prompted to input a unique gift card code identifier. This is an additional security measure which is carried out in the second step of the three-step activation process specifically. In addition to these security features, there is also a common security measure used in the fundamental step of the redemption process, when the BitCard® BTC Gift Card holder is registering a new account and signing up to redeem their gift card.

KYC-Verification In Registration Process

One of the most secure measures that can be taken by any digitally-based ecosystem dealing directly with hundreds of thousands of serviced customers like in the case of BitCard® is by performing KYC checks as part of the verification process. BitCard® goes the extra mile and adds this measure in at the first step of the process once a customer visits the redemption site to begin the process of redeeming their gift card for Bitcoins.

A Highly Secure Platform

KYC-verification, FDIC-insured fiat funds, Fireblocks integrated industry-grade cold wallet storage, and state-of-the-art platform security built to protect the entire BitCard® interface and redemption site, all come together as needed components which create the highly secured Bitcoin Gift Card network.

The time, effort and resources that go into securing The BitCard® online platform are well worth it, if able to offer even just a bit more confidence and ease for the customers spanning over more than 150 countries and patronizing any of the tens of thousands of BitCard® reseller retailers and businesses.