Become An Official BitCard® Premium Bitcoin Gift Card Reseller

As an official BitCard® Bitcoin Gift Card reseller, your business will be able to deliver the best Bitcoin Gift Cards on the market to your customers at wholesale pricing!

Reasons To Become An Official BitCard® BTC Gift Card Reseller

There are several compelling reasons to position your company or business to become an official partner and BitCard® reseller. Our global network is continuing to grow and expand, and we would love to assist you by adding a highly competitive revenue stream to your new or existing business model. The perks for official BitCard® resellers are many.

  • Generate a new revenue stream for your business.
  • Take advantage of wholesale pricing on Bitcoin Gift Cards.
  • Hassle-free process where we take care of customer KYC and verification.
  • Reputable and safe with 100% FDIC-insured accounts for USD BitCard® purchases.
  • Seamless portal to track business and revenues real-time.
  • Secure, regulated and compliant technological platform.

Why Partner With BitCard®?

Becoming an official BitCard® reseller is not just about the addition to your business’ bottom line. At BitCard® we see to it that our partners are serviced with the most up-to-date and state-of-the-art technological tools to make management, tracking and creating a balanced, specially curated proposition that works for your unique customer base simple.

Our partners use BitCard® UI controls, prototyping tools, and enterprise mobility solutions to create flexible, cutting edge solutions for their customers. BitCard® strives to provide the best engagement model for each of our partners so that the solutions delivered to the customer are both technically and financially seamless.

Become An Official BitCard® Reseller Today!