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BitCard®️, the safe, secure and easy to use Bitcoin gift card

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BitCard®️ has evolved over the last years as an innovative, safe, and secure method of protecting investments whilst simultaneously facilitating a safe, simple, and secure delivery method to brighten up your extended family and close friends’ summer by sharing the wealth.

Imagine the family’s planning a Memorial Day clambake on Cape Cod. Everyone’s coming, the entire family and lifelong friends, but you don’t want to saddle the hosts with all the expenses. You know they won’t let you chip in with anything other than a nice side dish or a case of beer.

Give them a BitCard®️ , and they can’t turn you down!

BitCard®️ is the only digital currency gift card that has the full backing of the FDIC. So when you give it as a gift, it’s solid, secure, and as good as a direct deposit to their bank account without having the embarrassment of asking your hosts for their banking details.

Even better, you are giving them Bitcoins as easy as a Walmart gift card; but at the same time, as secure as a banking transaction.

The BitCard®️ utilizes an FDIC-backed custodial account powered by Prime Trust, LLC, a chartered Nevada trust company, and 1Konto.

Via this partnership, Bitcoin Solutions, Inc, the company behind BitCard®️, offers a multitude of services, including asset custody, funds processing, convertible virtual currency administration, and compliance services.

BitCard®️’s digital assets are held in secure cold storage, and USD funds are held in FDIC-insured bank accounts.


Gift cards innovators

Three years after Bitcoin was first created in 2009, members of the BitCard®️ team started creating blockchain solutions for Bitcoin ATMs, Bitcoin exchanges, Bitcoin wallets, and much more.

The BitCard®️ team has over 28 years of experience creating gift cards for retailers, B2B loyalty cards, and gift card and payments processing. So when Bitcoin gift cards became a viable operational business model, we take our years of experience producing successful loyalty cards to create the best model for BitCard®️.

If you’ve been gifted a BitCard®️, you can redeem them safely in a trusted and regulated environment. Are you afraid of volatility? No worries, Bitcoin prices are updated virtually in real-time.

Better than sending a check to your nephew for graduation that has to be deposited in the bank and safer than putting cash in an envelope that can be tampered with, BitCard®️’s like cash but safer and more secure, and if your nephew doesn’t have a bank account he doesn’t need one!

You can cash out your Bitcoin gift cards or hold them as an investment. In the end, it is the king of cryptocurrencies, which is the hottest investment today.

More than just a gift

Your niece has a bridal shower and you can’t be there, send a BitCard®️ “as good as gold” and safer! Who knows, she may want to hold onto it as an investment for that starter house?

That’s the great thing about BitCard®️, it can be used in lieu of cash, or it can be a fun way to dip your toes into the exciting waters of digital currency without too much risk.

Bitcoin is on the minds of millions, but the price volatility has deterred many retail investors from considering digital currencies as an investment. Buying a BitCard®️ for your younger family members would give them an exciting introduction to how markets move and how to manage money without assuming significant risk.

By using the familiar and traditional gift card system, anyone of any age can easily buy and gift Bitcoin. BitCard®️’s state-of-the-art platform provides retailers and customers with the option to access the crypto market instantly and learn about the Bitcoin business.

Apart from the exciting opportunities to play around with the whacky world of cryptocurrencies, BitCard®️ stands alone as a safe, secure and protected payment medium. No competitor has the same backing of the FDIC or bank-grade security with cold storage for digital assets.

You can Redeem BitCard®️ in real-time (Instant Bitcoin Settlement). There are no minimums, no monthly fees, and it has an easy three-step redemption process. BitCard®️ supports operations in over 150 countries which exhibits the global reach of this premium Bitcoin gift card.


The perfect tool in a post-pandemic world

This summer, when you’re looking for gift ideas amid the global pandemic with product delivery systems nowhere near as efficient as they were pre-pandemic, that perfect gift may not be elusive. You may not always be able to find either the product or the provider to deliver that thoughtful gift you’d usually send.

Cash in envelopes is simply not safe, particularly when sending money in cards through the mail (particularly overseas where pilfering is a problem) – use BitCard®️ instead to show those you love they’re in your heart and mind.

Have a Godson making his confirmation, and he’s into vinyl, send him a BitCard®️ , and after cashing out, he can pick out his faves from his online purveyor or head into Spina Records and pick his rock classics out in person.

Favorite niece making her Batmitzvah?  Send her a BitCard®️ with multiples of 18 as the denominator for chai – 36, 54, 90 – 180? She can save it, spend it or hold it as an investment!

July 4th or Labor Day celebrations, if the whole family’s attending, it’ll be expensive for the hosts, maybe Mom and Dad could use a little support – buy them a BitCard®️ , and you can help them out with a gift card that can multiply its value.

A summer birthday bash, BitCard®️’s your boy, au courant for your millennial mates – a talking point for all and sundry and backed by the FDIC to boot!

Going backpacking in Europe or a Mediterranean cruise for your summer vacation? BitCard®️ provides the security of a bank vault with the convenience of a credit card with no exchange transaction fees or foreign usage fees from the bank.


The global gift card

With hundreds of merchants signed up under the BitCard®️ umbrella, you’ll be able to buy whatever you need during your travels, and if it has to be cash, no problem! Real-time price exchange on your BitCard®️ will cover cash outlays with no ridiculously wide “tourist rates” or exchange commissions.

If you’re in the Netherlands or Germany, you can use Bitcoin at Burger King. In France, you can use Bitcoin to order food from “Just eat now,” some pubs in the UK have also signed up. You just don’t know what you’re going to find on your travels, but with Bitcoin’s flexibility and BitCard®️’s convenience plus security, the world’s your oyster.