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What Is A Bitcoin Gift Card?

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What Is A Bitcoin Gift Card?

Gift cards are nothing new for sure, and Bitcoin has been around for at least a decade or so, but what about Bitcoin Gift Cards?! When did that become a thing, and more importantly, what are Bitcoin Gift Cards, how is one to obtain one, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of having them, if any at all?

What Exactly Is A Bitcoin Gift Card?

Between 2019 and 2020 the first Bitcoin Gift Card were being introduced to the public sector. For the first time ever, people were able to purchase retail crypto gift cards that would be loaded with the king of digital assets – Bitcoin. A Bitcoin Gift Card was new and exciting, as the entire cryptocurrency market, in addition to BTC, was experiencing greater levels of mass adoption.

The Bitcoin Gift Card created a new way to give and express gratitude, love and appreciation to others, as well as reward employees, helpers, customers, clients, or anyone for that matter. As the world was, and still is becoming more digital, the Bitcoin Gift Card not only offered a new and innovative way to share and give to others, but it also provided other unique potentials.

Why It Can Be Positive To Have A Bitcoin Gift Card

While gift cards, and the greater gift card industry itself is a market with immense potential upside for any committed entity, Bitcoin Gift Cards perhaps offer even more potential benefits to retailers and their customers who purchase them. For one, as it is known by many individuals today, Bitcoin is a digital asset, which experiences levels of volatility that could mean appreciation or in some cases depreciation.

The thing with Bitcoin Gift Cards is that they lock BTC value into the store of value, and it stays at that fixed amount, which could very well lead to its rise against the value of the US Dollar. In this way Bitcoin Gift Cards could actually serve not only as the perfect gift, because of the thoughtfulness and value shared and given, but also because it holds a potentially appreciating asset as well.

Why Buying A BitCard® Bitcoin Gift Card Helps Everyone Win

Bitcoin Gift Card company, BitCard® has been able to create a model in which retailers and their customers win in this way. That is due to the system in which BitCard® sells large quantities of BitCard® Bitcoin Gift Cards in bulk to major gift card distributors. The distributors who purchase from BitCard® buy BTC gift cards with real crypto loaded onto them at wholesale rates. They, in turn, offer favorable rates to their clients, retailers and merchants who then sell directly to the public, or integrate the BTC Gift Card into customer rewards, employee appreciation and other various loyalty programs. The redemption process is also made simple, when going to convert the gift card to Bitcoin.

This moves into yet another advantage that is made possible by Bitcoin Gift Cards as a medium of exchange. Bitcoin is currently accepted across the world. Recently published data shows that well over 15,000 retailers worldwide accept Bitcoin as a method of payment. With so many people and businesses across the world doing the majority of their shopping and other transactional activities online these days, having a method of using Bitcoin to do so could be extremely efficient. In many cases transactions are cheaper to perform than through traditional banks or creditors, and fast depending on the unique payment gateway and infrastructure.

Bitcoin And Crypto Becoming More Accepted

To help paint an even clearer picture of potential advantages, BitCard® is already in over 150 countries and thousands of merchants and retail stores accept the BitCard® BTC Gift Card for direct purchases throughout Europe, Asia, the US and all of the other combined 150+ countries and thousands of business locations The BitCard® is currently accepted in. Having a BitCard® Bitcoin Gift Card then, could actually prove to be even more advantageous to the holder than other options such as cash.

What Are The Potential Disadvantages Of A Bitcoin Gift Card?

While there are multiple potential advantages of buying and using a Bitcoin cryptocurrency gift card from BitCard®, to complete the deeper dive, we should discuss potential disadvantages as well. While there are literally not many that come up, the one obvious would be the case of depreciation.

If the price of Bitcoin experiences a significant downtrend, the USD equivalent of Bitcoin on an individual’s Bitcoin Gift Card would then be minimized as well. Depreciation is the one major thing that can affect any digital assets traded on the cryptocurrency market, so Bitcoin is not sheltered from it either. The positive opposite to that is, there are also uptrends experienced in the market. So while depreciation is certainly possible, appreciation is also just as possible.

The only other significant potential disadvantage, loss, is neutralized by the BitCard® process, in which Bitcoin Gift Card purchasers and recipients process and hold all assets digitally, and not on a physical card. While physical cards can be gifted, BitCard® makes the process safer by offering a state-of-the-art platform which is highly secure and FDIC-insured. BitCard® BTC Gift Cards are also activated digitally and then transferred to a unique digital wallet where the holder is able to then track and monitor all transactions from the online interface. In this way, BitCard® gift card holders do not need to be concerned about lost or misplaced cards. Everything is processed digitally on the platform.

How To Purchase A BitCard® Bitcoin Gift Card With Real Cryptocurrency Value

Purchasing a BitCard® Gift Card is simple. BitCard® has relationships with global gift card distributors who sell directly to merchants and retailers. In some instances loyalty and rewards platforms integrate BitCard® Bitcoin Gift Cards into their ecosystems as active incentive and loyalty or similar programs that can be rolled out to their clients and customers. In any case, BitCard® makes it possible for members of the public to buy and give Bitcoin crypto gift cards to anyone by simply visiting an official BitCard® reseller.

The gift card industry is a very standardized sector, so for this innovation of crypto and Bitcoins to integrate such a strong, consistent market, it can only be positive, as the world as we know it becomes more digitally and cryptocurrency-aligned. BitCard® BTC Gift Cards can change the way people share gifts and show love and appreciation to one another perhaps forever.